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Welcome to  the Western Motor Home Association of FMCA

Are you aware that if you are a member of an FMCA chapter in California, you are automatically a member of the Western Motor Home Association? Our mission is to promote and improve communication between FMCA and FMCA Chapters of the Western Region. The President of Western Motor Home Association also serves as the Western Area National Vice President of FMCA. I look forward to our paths crossing and extending you a big “WELCOME”. 

FMCA membership does not require that you join a chapter.  You can enjoy the benefits of membership and attend, as your schedule and interest permits, the two international conventions and one or more of the annual area rallies put on by each of our areas.  The Western Area conducts its annual rally in Indio, California, during the month of January.  We certainly encourage you to enjoy these events.  Here is important info on our upcoming "Out of this World" Rally, January 7-11, 2015: 2015 Rally Info

Click on this link to view pictures of past Western Rallies: http://www.flickr.com/photos/90501340@N05/sets/

Chapter membership and participation adds a significant opportunity for fun that you shouldn't miss.  Chapters conduct their own rallies on differing schedules.  Some meet monthly, while others meet less frequently.  Some focus on weekends while others tend to meet during the weekdays.  Many will list their upcoming events in the "Association Calendar" section of the FMCA magazine. 

If you do not belong to a chapter, check out Western Area Chapters listing and Links To Chapters on this website. There are 57 chapters, find the one closest to you and give the contact person a call. Visit them and be prepared to have a lot of fun, great food and fellowship. Chapters offer the fun, fellowship, lasting friendships and the excitement of a total motor homing experience.  

Again, we welcome you and urge you to join in on the fun of chapter participation.

Robert 'Rick' Ricordati
National Vice President  and Western Area President  

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